Setting the context: Let’s fly to Kenya!

Design sem nome (2)

I- Watch the two videos below about visiting Kenya, then answer the subsequent questions.

  1. Have you ever thought of visiting Kenya? What is/are your ideal destination (s) for holidays? 
  2. Added to the hitherto unseen views offered by Mother Nature, the two videos showed interesting things you can do in that East-African country such as safaris, windsurf, hiking, etc. In small groups, tell your colleagues if, after having watched them, you are definitely considering Kenya as a country you would like to visit, or not. Justify your position saying why you prefer Kenya to the other options you have in mind, or inversely, why you prefer the other options. The teacher takes part of the conversation monitoring, then introduces the grammar topic on superlatives.

Remember the Grammar: Superlative Adjectives

We use superlative adjectives to compare more than two things, people or places. They express the extreme or highest degree of a quality. Like comparatives, the way superlatives are constructed also varies according to whether the adjective is short or long.

Short adjectives

Short adjectives are the ones which have only one syllable, and those of 2-syllables ending with ‘Y’. To form a superlative with a short adjective, we just add a suffix “est” to it.  There are, however, some variations we should pay attention to:

  • CVCC ending adjective: adj + est Cold – Coldest; Small – Smallest
  • CVC ending adjective: In this case, before adding the suffix “est”, the final consonant is repeated: Big – Biggest; Hot – Hottest
  • Adjective ending in ‘Y’: Before adding the suffix “est “, we need to substitute ‘Y’ by ‘I’: Shy – Shiest; Happy – Happiest
  • If the adjective ends in ‘E’, all we shall need is to add « st »: Close – Closest; Late – Latest.

Examples: Kenya has probably the nicest landscapes in the world (nice) / Summer is the hottest season of the year (hot).

Long adjectives

Long adjectives are either 2-syllables adjectives not ending in “-y”, or more than 2 syllables adjectives. Forming superlatives with long adjectives only requires the use of «most» before the adjective itself.

Exemples: I have the most handsome husband in the world (handsome).

Additional information

  • Adjectives, such as ‘quiet’, ‘clever’, ‘narrow’ and ‘simple’ can be either considered as short adjectives or long ones.
  • The irregular superlative forms for “good“, “bad” and “far” are the “best“, the “worst” and the “farthest“/”furthest“.

Examples: The USA possess the best military equipments (good) / Yesterday, I had the worst nightmare of my whole life (bad).

Practicing activity

Read the two following passages. The first one is from a young canadian asking about how to deal with a Kenyan girl while starting a relationship with her. The second one is from a kenyan girl who responds to all the questions stated in the first passage.


I am a 20-something Canadian male from Toronto area working in Kenya. I’ve been here a number of months and recently met a Kenyan girl. I have travelled a lot and always been wary of cross-cultural relationships due to all sorts of concerns: expectations, cultures, long-distance, motives, etc. Meanwhile this girl and I have been getting to know each other and it feels like a natural and healthy relationship, not one built on differing expectations and motives (ie. sex vs money).

However, this is also my first time dating cross-culturally and I would like some advice/warning/encouragement from anyone, and specifically Kenyans.

As for relationships, is it common for a girl to have several ‘boyfriends’ at once? What does ‘single’ really mean? When does one go about defining a relationship? What if she asks me to see her family? Should I be offering to pay for things? What sort of things will she be expecting from me? What does it mean if she has not introduced me to any of her friends. How does sex factor into a relationship?

I hope I’m posting this in the right place. It seems like an encouraging community.



Well speaking as a Kenyan female,
1. It is not common or acceptable to have several boyfriends at once.
2. Single is as the guy above has said (Quoting: “Single really doesn’t have any other definition. If your single you not seeing anyone else”). It’s the same definition, the world over. However, lots of people say they are single when in fact they are messing around, but because nothing is concrete or committed, they term this as being ‘single’.
3. One should define the relationship as early as possible to save on hurt feelings or wasted time in case you both are not on the same page in terms of expectations of the relationship.
4. If she asks you to met her family, then it is a sign she is serious. We are very careful about who we bring home to the parents because we do not come from a culture where it is acceptable to date around before marriage.
5. Should you be offering to pay for things? Yes. Should you be paying for everything? No.
6. What sort of things will she be expecting? Can’t really answer this as all girls differ, however, I can assume fidelity, respect …
7. If she hasn’t introduced you to her friends it might mean she does not trust them and wants to lock you down before they can snare you. Might seem ridiculous but a white man is ‘hot’ in the kenyan dating scene as many see it as their way to a meal ticket.
8. How does sex factor in a relationship? Depends on the girl. If she’s religious, then she might not engage in pre marital sex. Otherwise, it is usually a pretty much done deal.


In the format of a debate, discuss with the rest of the class the following questions

  1. What is the best point in dating a Kenyan girl?
  2. What is the worst point in dating a Kenyan girl?
  3. Do you think you would like the experience of dating someone from this country? Click here to get 10 reasons to date a Kenyan man.
  4. Men having mistresses in Kenya is a widespread fact. Are things different in your country?
  5. Basing yourself upon your knowledge of other cultures, compare the ways relationships functions in your country, in Kenya and in other places in the world. Identify the best nationality to have a love relationship with and say why. In case you choose your own nationality, you will have to choose a second one which you believe would be a good match for a for cross-cultural relationship. Teacher as monitor of the debate, using, if possible, the board to register the characteristics of the different nationalities mentionned by the students, in order to facilitate the comparison. He should also lead the learners to the use of comparatives and superlatives in the process.


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That’s it for this lesson. I closing here with a kenyan song entitled “Sura Yako” by Sauti Sol. The song is in Swahili but my aim is to present you the video which plays out a typical Kenyan pre-wedding ceremony. In case you plan to get married with a kenyan, you would already have an idea of what is waiting for you. Enjoy it and you can still access to the translation of the lyrics by clicking here